Since 2015, Berca Carrier Indonesia has been providing customers with the best solutions in air conditioning. Berca Carrier Indonesia provide both industrial and residential range of products at the highest grade.

Decades of innovations, experience and a lifetime stories
of delivering a world-class technology to the world.


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Berca Carrier Indonesia is driven to bring the best and the extra ordinary products through innovation and cutting edge technologies.

Corporate News

Toshiba Kenalkan AC Sistem Modular untuk Gedung di Kawasan Beriklim Tropis Indonesia

26 Apr 2018

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - PT Berca Carrier Indonesia (PT BCI) merilis penyejuk ruangan terbaru Toshiba Super Modular Multi System 7 (SMMS-7) untuk pasar Indonesia, Rabu (25/4/2018). Tos....

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Company Outing PT Berca Carrier Indonesia

24 Nov 2017

We are having a wonderful time with all employee PT Berca Carrier Indonesia at Tanjung Lesung for Company Outing. #BCIunited ....

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Dampak bangunan hijau pada fungsi kognitif sebuah bangunan

14 Nov 2017

Lebih dari 120 professional yang didominasi oleh para kontraktor diundang oleh PT Berca Carrier Indonesia untuk membahas tren yang berkembang di tengah era urbanisasi global dan koneksinya terhadap....

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